PCrobots – Autumn Programming Challenge

PCrobots – Autumn Programming Challenge

To start off our fun programming challenges, here is a game from the 1990s.  It is called PCrobots, and it was originally written by P.D.Smith.  The Official webpage is www.pscs.co.uk/pcrobots

The challenge is to write a programme which will act as the command script for an autonomous robot.   PCRobots happily runs on Windows 10 under DosBox.  While the robots can be written in any language which compiles to a Dos .EXE or .COM, we recommend using Borland C vr. 3.1

The robots are put into an environment where they fight against each other.  The cleverest robot or the luckiest robot survives.  There are simple sample robot programmes available, but they are not very clever!  We can also provide some robots (but not their source code) which came top in the original competitions so you have some opposition to test your robots against.

So here is the challenge, and it is in two parts

  • Develop a robot while can be put a robot melee fighting against three or more hostile robots
  • Develop a robot which understands how to work as a team.  We will organise battles where three of your robots fight against three of someone else’s hostile robots.

We are planning to hold the competitions at our December meeting, although this will depend on the number of contenders.

All the stuff you need is available from the club, simply register for the challenge and you will be send details of how to download everything.

Other resources for PCrobots are available on the web in the following places (although links sometimes break).

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