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Amateur Radio Tools

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International Beacon Network

So, you are wondering what you might hear on your radio?  Which bands are “open”.  The International Beacon Project (NCDXF/IARU) can help.  This network of beacons transmits 24hrs a day from 18 stations across the world.  All you do is listen in and see which stations you can hear.

Their website at is a tool which lists the beacon frequencies and continuously cycles telling you “which beacon am I hearing right now?”


Reverse Beacon Network

Alternatively, wouldn’t it be nice to know where your signal is going.  The Reverse Beacon Network is a tool connected to lots of listening stations around the world.  If you call CQ in the CW sections of the HF bands you can then see if any of these listening stations heard you.

Their website at has a tool which gives real-time information of stations heard with a graphical display of the world.