Our Voice Chat Server

Our Voice Chat Server

The Club hosts a voice chat server, using MUMBLE which is a free VOIP system.

To use this service you need to download a client.  There are clients available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and Apple iOS.

The details you need to access Mumble are:

  • Server:  club.hwcares.uk
  • Server Password:  <you can get this from a member, or from your welcome email when you join!>
  • Your Username:  <Real names only, so please use your First Name and the initial of your Surname e.g. Sam-X, or if you are a radio amateur, your First Name and Callsign  e.g.  Kylie-M6KYL>

Once you login to the server you will find yourself in the “Entrance Lounge”.  You need to register your user with the Server, and then get an administrator to give you some permissions to move into our chat rooms.