Computing and IT Training

Computing and IT Training

The society runs courses and self-help groups which are open to members and occasional visitors.

Code Club

Code Club UK is a nationwide network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs for young people aged 9-13.  We will be running Code Club sessions from September 2018.  At Code Club your kids can learn:

  • Learn how to program your own interactive stories, games and animations using a language develop by M.I.T. called Scratch
  • Build and style their own web pages using HTML and CSS.
  • Python, which is a widely used, general purpose, text-based programming language for developing applications for personal use or the Internet.


Computing for the Bewildered

Do you feel like the world has skipped forward 20 years and left you behind, wondering what happened?  Is everyone else using email, social media and smart phones, and you are confused by the TV remote control?  Do not worry you are not alone, and help is at hand.

At our self-help group entitled “Computing for the Bewildered” we give talks for beginners and can help you with the following modern activities which may be puzzling you:

  • What is E-MAIL?  How do I get an address, and start receiving and sending mail?
  • How do I SHOP online?  Making a payment with a debit/credit card, and getting my purchases delivered to me.  How do I use tracking?  What are my rights if I want to return my purchases?
  • Sending Messages!  WHATSAPP and SNAPCHAT is where your children and grandchildren can be contacted.  It’s not just about text, you can make telephone calls and even video calls.
  • Accessing my BANK ACCOUNT?  Sounds interesting, but I am also scared about getting scammed!
  • And many more questions that seem impossible to solve …



Computers have not resulted in a paperless office or society, instead they have opened up opportunities for everyone to compose documents and letters which look professional and well presented.  Wordprocessing is the name given to the many tools that computers provide for creating documents.

  • Laying out a page; page sizes and orientation; margins; headers and footers; and columns.
  • Fonts!  San-serif or serif?  Choosing typeface that is suitable for the occasion and easy to read.
  • Including pictures on your page.